Mobile connectivity

Độ phân giải: Nhóm
Thời lượng: Two to four hours, More than four hours

Tổng quat

Bàn thắng

The main objective of this project is for students to know and understand the basic concepts of cellular mobile phone networks.

Mục tiêu học tập

In the end, students will know: - The basics of mobile telephony - How to motivate and encourage group work - How to find a solution using a budget - How science is present in real life.

Bối cảnh

Secondary schools students have a lack of knowledge about basic concepts of cellular mobile phone networks. This creates a problem for those students who may be interested in pursuing technical careers in the future (such as Telecommunication Engineering). Besides, sometimes is difficult to face these students with problems of the real life that have to be solved with the collaboration of several members in a group.