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    1. Create functionality for image to be uploaded in the Instructions and Guideline tabs
    2. We would also like to suggest that there is specifically a section for assessment. How will the PBL topic contribute to the overall assessment. For example assessing the following skills:
    a. Scientific skills
    b. Critical Thinking
    c. Communication Skills
    d. Team Building
    e. Professional Ethics
    Also are we measuring : Cognitive, Affective or Psychomotor
    Also what is bloom’s taxonomy of the difficulty level (Knowledge, Comprehension,
    Application, Analysis, Synthesis..)
    Also maybe a suggested rubric of assessment.

    3. A related suggestion to creating above functionalities is to allow users to upload one or more images based on their needs.

    4. For longer PBL like a 10 weeks duration, what are the monitoring feature available? How should the instructor follow through the inquiry?

    5. Is there a category for PBL problem for school and higher learning institutions? My suggestion is to be able to search the problem appropriate to the category and level. What I meant by level is eg. First year, second year – degree programme or 1st year Masters programme

    6. Suggestion: a. There has to be a Prerequisite section with every problem to declare the ones eligible to solve the problem. B. There has to be some rating system for the problem submitters to enhance their level with every submission, just to motivate the users.

    7. What are the feedback feature available for both teachers and learners?
    8. WYSIWYG HTML Editor would be better especially for the formatting just like the editor available on “Create New Topic in ‘Problems with the ALIEN PBL Platform’ ” at URL: If the WYSIWYG editor allows users to copy/paste or attach images, it would support the user to place images wherever needed.
    9. Trim the text from all the fields. For instance, ‘ONE’, ‘ ONE’, ‘ ONE ‘, ‘ ONE’ are all added as a tag, while, it should not be allowed.
    10. Tags: the number of tags is limited, it would be good to mention/suggest this to the users. Furthermore, if the user tries to add more tag than the allowed number, s/he should get a message like “You have reached the maximum number of allowed tags”.
    11. Thumbnail: if only one thumbnail can be attached, then it would be good to mention/suggest this to the user. They would be well informed and change the button caption from “Search” to “Attach” or related word. The current caption is confusing.
    12. Under “instruction files”, it would be good to allow the user to select and upload multiple files at once.
    13. “Problem statement” textfield: can we make the width of the textfield consistent with the width of textarea? It will improve the readability of the instructions given in the textfield.
    14. Problem search should be made available to the users to choose problems relevant to their course/subject without browsing into all of the uploaded problems.
    15. Recent problems should be presented based on user interest as per one’s previous searches.
    16. PROBLEM: As a new user (as i have registered today) I am unable to create a problem on the portal. Create a problem tab should be made available on home page.
    17. Language option: It would be good to split the English into “English (UK)” and “English (US) with their flags. This would avoid cultures issues when the platform would be used by users from other countries.
    18. Under friendship, if you receive any new requests, it doesn’t give any indication.
    19. Too many unnecessary notifications are sent through email. One should be able to pick and choose.

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