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    Andreas MavrisAndreas Mavris

    The core abilities of software engineering students includes analyzing problems of real-world software projects, mastering advanced technologies and methods, being familiar with the criteria and specification of software engineering, cooperating with team members. Thus, college of software engineering should focus on project practice training. Traditionally, they only give lectures on classroom and arrange final testing, which have many defects because that is far away from real project developing. Although many colleges, as time going, have put more emphasis on practice training and conducted many reforms and tests, it still has great gap between software engineering students and enterprise demanded employee.
    Using Problem-Based Learning in Team (PBLT) in education can cultivate students’ self-learning abilities, will incite their interests and enhance their abilities obviously during practical working. At the same time, executing PBLT is also a challenge to instructors (mentors) that urges them to have comprehensive knowledge and master firmly about software technologies, have high ability of management and inspection. The challenge also includes how to propose a proper project, how to organize a sound teaching schedule and how to set up right check-points during the process, and finally how to give objective and reasonable evaluation for each student. All those aspects should be researched during the real teaching process and improved continuously.

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