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    George PapageorgiouGeorge Papageorgiou

    The implementation of PBL should be considered as an approach to learning rather than just a technique to support learning .An effective PBL curriculum is not just one that is a collection of well thought out and well designed subjects. It is critical to have a clear map of the entire domain of learning in addition to the curriculum structure. Students should be able to progress through course material and be able to establish that they are learning what the course intended them to achieve. In PBL, we are not only trying to develop knowledge which is important in every learning process, but we are trying to develop the professional skills that will help the student during the learning process and their professional life. Of concern within European Universities is the Bologna agreement. The Bologna document details the importance of a number of skills required in University education:
    ° Responsibilities assumed in the group,
    ° Criticism.
    ° Organization and manipulation of non-structured information.
    ° Critical thought, initiative and search for information
    ° Oral communication and written skills.
    These are the very skills that are being developed using the PBL model. In our case, while we have used a hybrid model we were still able to work towards the skill set detailed in the Bologna document. However, we have selected one module within an entire course, the
    remainder of which has used more traditional methods of teaching. To be of real benefit to the student, we should consider the entire curriculum design. Successful implementation of PBL will not come easily. This may cause further difficulties as personal, academic and financial levels. Faculty will require extensive training. University management will be required to modify regulations and possibly allow a reduction in course content. Fundamental beliefs will be challenged. Building a comprehensive PBL community requires determination and commitment from all levels – student, faculty and management – to make it work.

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