Watchnext , find your movie

وابستگی: تھیسالی یونیورسٹی۔
قرارداد: گروپ | دورانیہ: چار گھنٹے سے زیادہ



The main purpose of this project is the development of a web-based application where you can search for movies and TV series. Using the application anyone can find information about a movie and create lists like watchlist, watched etc.

سیکھنے کے مقاصد

Students will get to know many programming languages (html, python , javascript etc.).Learn how to create a web application and manage a database. Also, working as a group on a project communication and teamwork skills are definitely enhanced.

خیال، سیاق

Watchnext is a project created by three undergraduate students in the context of the course "Advanced Software Engineering ".