وابستگی: تھیسالی یونیورسٹی۔
قرارداد: Individual, Group
دورانیہ: ایک گھنٹہ سے بھی کم



The goal is to: - Encourage youth to develop a deeper consideration of the systems that deliver us power. - Identify the best solution considering on the various obstacles in the area for maximum capacity of solar energy stored. - Understand the effectiveness of photovoltaic’s angle as main factor on the process of solar energy collection. - Understand that gaining the most from the solar module, it needs to be perpendicular to the sun - Find the best angle to get the right tilt for the module - Choose the module that best matches the solar altitude.

سیکھنے کے مقاصد

After solving this problem, students will be able to: - understand the importance of solar energy and its various benefits - learn the use of photovoltaic panels - develop a deeper consideration about the storing of solar energy from photovoltaics. -Discover the significance of benefits by using renewable energy and solar energy. - Understand the beneficiary role of photovoltaics for the environment. -Recognize the photovoltaics as a factor for a safer and healthier environment.

خیال، سیاق

This task is intended for an introductory primary school course in any school related to engineering and information technology. It aims to teach new engineers the basic concepts of solar energy and to reinforce their critical thinking and problem solving skills while doing that in a fun way. In the game, the students must protect the school dance from the vampires by collecting as much solar energy as possible in order to efficiently supply the laser machines to execute the vampires before their entry in school. In addition, if the solar energy stored is incompetent, the laser machines will not wipe out completely all the vampires.