Design your dreams with…Autocad!

وابستگی: University of Thessaly, Greece, Electrical and Computer Engineering
قرارداد: گروپ | دورانیہ: چار گھنٹے سے زیادہ



The main purpose of using Autocad during lesson time is to learn in a real frame design frames of buildings and facilities. In short, through its possibilities students can make their theoretical ideas and knowledge true.

سیکھنے کے مقاصد

Autocad has unlimited learning opportunities for a student. A beginner can start with the simple design of a floor plan or a figure. An advanced student, however, can complete the design of a project from foundation to top, including electrical and plumbing. It also gives the opportunity for interior design and decoration.

خیال، سیاق

Autocad design software is the right learning tool for an aspiring engineer. On the other hand, the use of Autocad will make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable for students because they will come in contact for the first time with a program that is widely used in the labor market.