Create an inventory manager

قرارداد: Individual, Group
دورانیہ: ایک سے دو گھنٹے



The goal of the exercise is to create an inventory manager that will be digitally administered. The learner must create a schema for managing the necessary information, design and enter into the schema characteristic content, and perform basic operations that extract desirable information.

سیکھنے کے مقاصد

Upon completing the exercise the user will: - Understand the concept of a schema for managing on-line content - Understand the concept of entity-relationship models - Understand the concept of relational models - Be able to design a database for managing specific content - Be able to use at an introductory level a Database Management System - Understand functional dependencies - Be able to use at an introductory level the SQL relational language

خیال، سیاق

The activity is designed for execution in the context of an introductory Database Management Systems course. It aims to complement theoretical instruction through practical hands-on problems that encourage students to apply new knowledge on Database Management Systems in practice in a manner that simulates related operations in the business world. The activity exposes students to Database Management System architectures, data modeling, entity-relationship models, relational models, relational algebra, relational calculus, the SQL language for data definition and manipulation, physical organization of a database, normalization of content, storage media, file organization, and indexes.