Circuit Analysis using a Simulator

وابستگی: Student
قرارداد: انفرادی | دورانیہ: ایک سے دو گھنٹے



The purpose of the problem is to teach students the basic knowledge of Analog Circuits using a simulator. More specifically, they will be able to design circuits and understand their behavior, using a variety of components like capacitors, resistors, switches, transistors and led.

سیکھنے کے مقاصد

Students who will try to solve this problem will develop their skills in designing Circuits like: - Voltage dividers - LRC Circuits - Thevenin Theorem - Passive/Active filters - Inverting amplifier circuits

خیال، سیاق

This problem targets students of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics and people interested in electronic circuit synthesis and design. Moreover, this simulator will enable students to realize how each component effects the circuit.