PBL with simulations and the different approaches

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    In the 21st century, there are so many tools that could make education more problem based and understandable.
    It is important for deeply understanding and being able to create or recreate something that you have great knowledge about it.
    So starting from the tools that can assist that surely we have a lot of, simulators, games, VR, apps targeted in learning through making different tasks and many more. The key is to include them in a proper way and more particularly to use them along with the normal lesson.
    Some examples of tools that we can suggest are :

    -Phet simulations (a bunch of simulators about chemistry physics maths and many more)
    -duolingo (for learning different languages)
    -udemy (thousands of expert-led courses)
    -khan academy (site with youtube explanations and short tests about maths, programming, physics, chemistry and more)

    The approach from the teacher could be :
    i) recommend students to download or run online the apps and simulation, assist them and resolve any questions they may have.
    ii) include them in the learning process e.x in a chapter the app could be used from the teacher to derive some results for an exercise.
    iii) make exercises that students should solve based on the tools.
    iv) along with the students make lessons in which all as a team will try to solve or find possible solutions to real-world problems.

    In general, everyone should be using all of the available tools because that way the mind is on a problem solve and experimenting state and helps to ease the learning process understand the complex definitions
    and be able to use the knowledge that you learned.

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