Gamification in PBL

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    The gamification of is an educational method to enacourage students to learn by using video game design and game elements in learning environments.The goal is to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and motivating them to continue learning.In other words, gamification is the introduction of game elements in a non-game situation.
    Nick pelling said : “Gamification is about taking something that is not a game and
    applying game mechanics to increase user engagement, happiness and loyalty!”

    Some examples of gamification are : a) Giving points for meeting academic objectives

    Do students need to be citing details from the text and evidence for conclusions in class discussions?
    Answers without evidence are now worth 1 point, a correct answer with 1 piece of evidence is worth 2 points,a correct answer + 2 pieces of evidence = 3 points.
    b) Comparing and reflecting on performance in fine ways personalized for each student
    At the end of some video game levels, the player’s performance is broken down into countless details offering enormous data, achievements, and ways to reflect and document their performance and compare with others.

    Benefits of Gamificition:
    1)Boosts enthusiasm toward math.Teachers have struggled to keep students engaged in mathematics
    for as long as mathematics has existed. A recent study conducted by Deakin University states that the gamification classroomhelps give students a more positive attitude towards mathematics in general.
    2)Lessens disruptive behavior
    3)Increases cognitive growth . It forces students to use logic to develop a video game story.
    4) Mature make-believe encourages growth and development
    5) Stronger relationship between teacher and students

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