Creating UML Diagram for Medical Practice Case Study

Afiliação: Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Resolução: Individual | Duração: Menos de uma hora

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To enable students to create the UML diagram for a medical practice case study. They will achieve this goal in several processes, where first they have to understand the case study of a medical practices. After that, they have to identify the roles of each actor in the given case study. Then, they have to identify what are the tasks required from each actor and the communication link which relates one actor from another. Finally, they will be able to create their own UML diagram based on their understanding.

objetivos de aprendizado

In the end students will be able to: - Understand the case study of a medical practice - Identify the actors and their respective roles - Learn how to link the actors with their tasks - Able to create the UML diagram


A medical practice wishes to computerize its patient records system. The system will allow patients to register their details online, such as their name, address and contact telephone numbers. Patients must live in the same area as the medical practice, so the registration procedure must ensure only eligible patients can register. Once accepted, a patient can view the available appointments with a doctor and book an appointment online. During the appointment, the doctor may prescribe some medicine. A check is made to ensure that the chosen medicine does not conflict with any other medicines already prescribed. The doctor may also need to refer the patient to the hospital for further tests. Some patients need to receive a regular supply of medicine, for which they need a repeat prescription. The manager prints the repeat prescriptions at the start of each day. At the end of the day, the doctor will review the results of any tests that have been returned from the hospital. The doctor will update the patients’ notes and decide if any further action is needed. The manager has to produce statistics each month.