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    George AtzemianGeorge Atzemian

    There have been interesting implementations of PBL in engineering education in diverse locations in the whole world such as:

    • Brazil. Applications of PBL in engineering started long ago and the main barrier has been teacher resistance as engineer professors do not normally have pedagogical education and, although its application has been growing, there is still a long path to follow.

    • Australia. PBL assessment in first year of electrical and electronic engineering at Victoria University was carried out using learning portfolio for group assessment which describes the students work and its progress in a detailed manner emphasizing on the students’ best work and efforts.

    • Denmark. The benefits of group over individual assessment have been clearly identified after a research carried out at Aalborg University, Denmark showing that “the majority of respondents found that the individual project exam tests a limited range of skills compared to group assessment”.


    The PBL assessment need to also be based on the learning outcome and program outcome. These outcome should come from various skill perspectives. Such as communication skills, scientific problem solving skills, teamwork, leadership, professional ethics and etc.

    Janet C ReadJanet C Read

    I came across this very useful site

    10 Active Learning Techniques in Engineering

    I hope that helps


    Thank you

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