Arya – Smart Chatbot

सम्बद्धता: Thessaly को विश्वविद्यालय
समाधान: समूह | अवधि: चार घण्टा भन्दा बढी



The goal of the problem is to make people's lives easier through the chatbot, as they will have a computer assistant named Arya to have a friendly chat with them , automate their daily tasks on their computer by executing commands like opening web browsers , inform them (wikipedia - web search , etc.) and to provide them Smart-Home solutions like IP cameras management and useful monitoring information by applying smart algorithms to the IP camera (total people in one room). The target group that will use Arya can be anyone regardless of age as long as they have some familiarity with using the computer.

सिक्ने उद्देश्यहरू

The learning goal of the project was to get acquainted with the Python programming language and the application of knowledge to the subject of computer networks . Familiarity with the advanced python modules was also useful knowledge such as Python Socket API, tkinter which is responsible for creating a graphical user interface. One important learning objective was the configuring of smart devices and functions.


The software will be used for the course "Advanced Software Design Topics". The objectives of the course are the design and development of software and the scheduling until its completion. Students are divided into groups of 5 and all together contribute to the development of the software and the writing of a specification document of the application. In the middle of the semester, the students present the idea and at the end of the semester, the final presentation and the demo of the application take place.