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    Kalli RantouKalli Rantou

    Problem Based Learning (PBL) can play a major role on student’s learning and create a new era of thinking and acting in the class. Rather than memorizing, students will gain knowledge through real-world problems. This fact will encourage them to find solutions independently or through teamwork. In other words they will understand the theory on practice.
    For this process, a lot of tools can be used so as to help and motivate ,both, students and teachers. The aim of using them is to create a more productive and efficient environment for analyzing, criticizing and setting crucial questions on a subject. Some tools will be listed below.
    First of all, it would be useful for students to use an app or a program for posting their ideas of the given problem, creating plans, organizing their thoughts or even upload useful content for the other mates. Through these, everyone will have a better view of the issue and will evolve his thoughts. The presence of teachers for this tool is considered crucial not only for criticizing the validity of the posted data, but also for enhancing students.
    Moreover, it could be used a tool for setting a problem and directing the group by giving the necessary sources and by making crucial questions. Through this way, students will be motivated and they will be able to adjust and compare the problem with real world.
    A tool for connecting the class with other classes around the world it would be such an innovation. Both students and teachers, will have a better opinion about a problem. They will be able to discuss and analyze different aspects of the problem.
    Finally, as it said before, teachers and professors are responsible for the best outcome. For this reason, they could use a tool for publishing videos, articles, photographs or even audio messages.

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