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    Provide here comments and suggestions on the ALIEN platform.


    It would be nice to see also the scoreboard 😉
    At least the score next to the member names … also maybe the opportunity to order them based on the score.


    What if there are also negative points? e.g. If we don’t answer to the email for reasonable time (e.g. we can loose 1 point per week). Also for not logging in or visiting the site during 7 days – we will luse 1 pont (1 point per week). And for not posting anything … we lose 1 point per week. 😉


    Being able to see maybe a ranking of your score next to it would add some meaning to the number which might be a bit abstract otherwise.

    On the graphical side, one idea would be to slightly reduce the size of icons to let some more space to text. A bit more padding around the icons so that the text is not glued to the icon would also be nice.
    Regarding the rank, some autosizing of the font would be nice, as of right now my rank is
    which looks odd.


    It would be nice if you could include the followings as the criteria for getting a higher point:
    1. the response time
    2. quantity of response to forums etc
    3. emojis usage
    4. number of likes

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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