Testing Shared Solving Misunderstandings in the Law of Ohm Problem

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Indicate that in a simple circuit with a given resistance value as the supply voltage of the circuit increases, the current is increasing in the circuit. • Recognize that in a simple circuit with a resistor, the higher the resistance value, the smaller the current of the circuit, keeping the voltage stable. • Indicate the correct way of connecting the voltmeter and the ammeter to measure the resistance of a single circuit. • Calculate one of the U, I, R if they know two of them. • Use the virtual environment to model, simulate and graphically represent electrical circuits. • Develop skills in communication and collaboration with others.


• What happens to the electrical current if I change the resistance of the circuit? • What happens to the mains voltage if I change the supply voltage of the circuit?


1. Case: Initially students are asked to predict what will happen in the circuit of resistance and supply voltage have a specific value and close the on-off switch of the circuit and then make corresponding predictions for higher values ​​in the circuit as well as for zero resistance value. 2. Experiment and data collection: After the predictions, the students perform the experiment in the virtual lab and record the resulting values ​​in a Table. 3. Case assumptions: In their groups students observe and discuss the results / values ​​resulting from the execution of the simulation with the corresponding values ​​and attempt to draw conclusions about the relations that link the sizes.