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    The term gamification refers to the use of gaming in education in order to enhance interaction, participation and competition during the learning process. Due to the many advantages of the method, there is the ambition to shift from traditional learning methods to this direction.
    Benefits of use of gamification in the classroom:
    It has been proven that gaming increases the motivation for learning through immersion as well as it encourages learners to take initiatives.
    Trainees are led to the acquisition of knowledge on their own through the gaming environment and have the freedom to try again as many times as they wish without negative for the same consequences.
    Education is visualized, making it more enjoyable and easier to understand and assimilate. It also acts helpful for people with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.
    Thanks to the wide variety of tasks offered by educational games, each trainee is confronted with tasks according to his level of knowledge.
    How can I gamify education in my classroom (and some examples):
    First of all, gamification can be applied to rate the trainees, through a system of points gathered from various games. The final grade of the students will be determined by the total number of points.
    Every task, test or homework can be rewarded with emblems in order to detect their progress and increase their motivation to try more. In addition, group assignments can be more rewarding for the whole team in order to enhance collaboration and competition between teams.
    Problem Solving Gamification Platform Examples:
    It helps understand the scenarios of rescuing a human life and the practical application of methods. It includes various levels depending on the cognitive background, point rendering system and a leaderboard.
    Society simulation platform, in which the user is asked to make decisions regarding economy. It requires strategic and analytical thinking to help the user implement the appropriate strategy for each scenario.

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