Decision Making in Programming

Ανάλυση: Ομάδα | Διάρκεια: Δύο έως τέσσερις ώρες



To make students learn on how to you decision making in programming. The decision making includes if syntax, if-else syntax, and if-else if-else syntax.

Στόχοι μάθησης

By the end of this activity, students will be able to: • Explain control flow in programming and how it works in programming • Implement decision making in C programming • Build a program with a more interactive and logical flow


Decision making plays a very important in writing programming. It allows programmers to write the flow of a program and any related logic in a program can be controlled. With syntax of using decision making, students are able to write the decision making in any programming languages since the general form of writing algorithm is mainly discussed. In particular, the decision making is then applied using C programming to our students. The students learn to practice with real-life problem such as selling management, score management and tax calculation.