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    The big problem that we meet in Greece in many situations is the fact that we want to stay in our comfort zone and we refuse to try new things, new methods and new approaches that a constantly developing society demands.

    This, among other things, has a negative outcome in the educational system. One the one hand we see that teachers at all educational levels still teach the way they acquired this knowledge 20 years ago. Our society, in the other hand, is constantly evolving. Internet is now one of the most significant things in our lives and the kids-students are growing up side by side with it.

    In this way, the newer generations have access to a lot of information and the schools or the universities are just one more source for this. The educational structure however, still works with methods that promote learning by heart and other tactics that not only make students lose every interest but also and most important, produces people that will remember the knowledge in order to pass a test, but not actually learning and understanding it.

    Having this in mind, teachers, shouldn’t think of technology as a distracting factor for the students, but as a solution to transfer their knowledge in a way that is pleasant and familiar with them.

    P.B.L includes methods such as a real life tasks, something that develops skills that can be adapted in our everyday life, or learning through games –computer or not- which combines education and fun at the same time, something that is really missing from the most schools in Greece. These, among other, ways of learning are nowadays more important than ever if we want to make a step forward in our educational system.

    The Problem-Based Learning is a good example of how a new approach –that keeps up with the current era- can bring back the interest in learning and remind us that, knowledge is not just some specific pages from a book that we have to memorize in order to pass a test, but our most important equipment in the “game” of life.

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