Gearbox Design

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Objectives are formed with design variables such as power, module, gear thickness and the number of teeth, whose values determine the solution to the problem. The main objectives are listed below: • Maximization of power delivered by the gear reducer. • Minimization of overall gear material used, which is directly related to the weight and cost of the gear reducer.

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Gear Design. Optimization of Energy Conversion.


A Two-stage Gearbox problem as follows: A gearbox is required to transmit power equals to [10 kW plus the last 4 digits of the ID number of the group leader (or first name in the list) in watts, e.g. if ME097475, the power is 7475 watts, or 7.475 kW plus 10 kW the power will be 17.475 kW] from a shaft rotating at 2650 r.p.m. The desired output speed is approximately 12000 rpm. For space limitation and standardization reasons, a double step-up gearbox is requested (see figure 1). Intermediate