Принадлежност: Университет в Тесалия
Резолюция: Индивидуално, групово
Продължителност: Повече от четири часа

Общ преглед


The purpose of this project is for university students to learn and understand how malware defense software (M.D.S.) works through the process of creating one. The goal is to defend their system against an attack from a custom-made virus created by their professor, specifically designed for educational purposes and not to actually harm the student's computers.

Цели на обучението

Through the process of studying how both M.D.S. and viruses work the participants of this project acquire further knowledge and experience regarding: - Identifying core security weaknesses in every system layer (software, hardware, network). - Figuring out the various ways viruses attack systems and learning how to protect against each one of them. - Deepening their knowledge about how M.D.S. functions to protect a system in various ways.(Infection prevention, quarantine infected files)


The project is geared towards university students, specifically those studying Software Engineering to either learn from scratch or further enhance their knowledge about how an M.D.S. is being developed.