Agile Gesture Recognition Project

Принадлежност: Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.
Резолюция: Група | Продължителност: Повече от четири часа

Общ преглед


1. Apply variety of agile practices in software development environment. 2. Analyze the challenges in change management associated with adopting an agile method.

Цели на обучението

•To show Agile development practices in a software project using Scrum methodology - Practical –weekly monitoring - Report – at the end of the project •To design, implement and test an Agile software product •To present the software product to be evaluated


Each group is to design and implement a prototype for a gesture recognition system. Gesture recognition is a type of perceptual computing user interface that allows machines to understand gestures and execute commands based on the gestures interpretation. In general, gestures can be defined as any physical movement of our body to convey a specific message non-verbally. It may include anything from minor gestures such as pointing a finger to the digital screen to start up the car and waving hand to activate the wiper, and large gestures such as kicking your leg toward the car tailgate to open it (Khan & Ibraheem, 2012).