Problem-based learning in Greece

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    Since the steady advancement of technology, Internet and telecommunications many aspects of our Greek everyday life have changed and evolved. Thus, the same thing should happen with education in our country. The child from its early school years has been educated in a very narrowed point of view. Parents and teachers alike only encourage the children to hunt for good grades and pass each year curriculum without fully understanding the lessons and subjects they have been taught. It is observed that students learn only theory and superficial knowledge of each subject. And that so far has never changed and those educational practices are still preserved and encouraged from each government so far. Furthermore, there are no subject-specialized facilities (e.g. labs) in the majority of schools since most of the structures are really old. Even when the government, endorsed students with new laptops they never really used them and stayed with the old textbooks and practices. Of course, the issue here are the teachers who are not experienced and proper trained to use the technology and adjust to the new changes. So the first step should intensive and systematic training programs for the teachers and a big fund to make proper facilities and laboratories in each school, so that the education issue can be dealt effectively.

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