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    The rise of technology used in classrooms has made learning much more interactive. Even the current trends in education include the use of new technology, from collaborative projects to blending traditional textbook teaching with innovative software engineering.

    For students, the core aim of project-based learning is to put theory into practice and gain new skills throughout the process. From prioritizing tasks to managing sources and summarizing concepts, they will be developing skills for life. As well as using interactive tools in group project helps students to grasp a better understanding of a concept.

    Browser-based technology and several apps used in education are especially useful for researching, storytelling and collaborative video making. These tools’ aim is to encourage students to approach a task by asking open-ended questions and develop a concept of a task. They also enhance personalized learning, where students discover their own strengths, whether it is analyzing and mapping out ideas, research or even editing.

    Handy mobile devices allow students to be inspired when outside classroom by creating and sharing ideas and creations instantly. The benefit of some of tools is that they accommodate different approaches to projects. Whether the end result is a presentation, telling stories on an interactive timeline or a visual board. Some apps can be useful in many ways.

    Especially in the case of project based learning, the passive ‘teacher tell students’ teaching has turned to a more ‘hands-on’ approach with students finding the best ways to present their own results. In small groups, they will be delegated tasks and feed ideas to each other’s. In collaborative projects students have a chance to enhance their skills in communication, critical thinking, productivity and problem solving.


    I am wondering whether you could give any online links to for the tools you mentioned in your post.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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