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    Problem-based learning is a pedagogical strategy widely applied in many universities worldwide with the purpose of improving the learning outcome of the students who become the center of the process.It should be clear that PBL is not about solving problems but learning by doing as the purpose of PBL is to work in a de-centered teacher environment, promoting students participation in decision making about their learning trajectories.Of course at the end students and teachers develop skills to understand and solve real problems, but not as the main purpose of PBL. To specify and summarize:

    Basic operational structure:
    PBL emphasizes on the development of students’ skills to design question.

    Practice procedures:
    i) Students start to wondering and questioning as they face the problems
    ii) Students further study on the problems
    iii) Emergence of extra questions
    iv) Specify the scope of knowledge
    v) Suggest a plan to get additional information
    vi) Carry out essential researches
    vii) Share the new knowledge
    viii) Make the conclusions

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