A simple approach to PBL activities creation and execution

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    1) Find a real-world problem, applicable to your subject and the way to apply it.
    In order to complete the first step you must find a problem that apply to your class specific needs. You should take into consideration your students grade levels since not all problems are of the same difficulty. Determine what you want to accomplish by running this activity (for example wanting to help students improve certain skills like problem-solving or collaborating with other students). You can draw inspiration about the subject of the problem from school or your students shared interests. After that ensure that all students undestand the problem and also the information around it

    2) Find or create helpful content.
    This is not just for giving extra resources to students, but also to help them stay focused on the activity and its purpose. This will be extra helpful to students that dont have a strong self-direction yet. Some items that a teacher could provide would be a list of preliminary questions to investigate, audio-visual material, presentations, etc.

    3) Highlight the activity’s goals and expectations to students and participate
    By doing that students now have a guide of what this activity is about and have a reference of what they have to achieve. This helps them stay more focused and making difficult to lose track. A good participation practice would be to provide hints rather than answers, make students question their logic rather than correcting them and fill the gaps in knowledge.

    4) Let students present their thoughts and results
    Making students present their ideas and findings in front of the class encourages other students to ask questions and helps the presenting group to elaborate and provide evidence for their findings, giving class a final chance to find solutions to the problem.

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