A good example of integrating PBL with Gamification

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    Classcraft is a Classroom management platform used to gamify the classroom for K–12 education. It was founded by Shawn Young and Devin Young in 2013. Its platform aims to provide tools for students, teachers, school principals, and district superintendent.
    Classcraft was founded in 2013 by Shawn and Devin Young, and their father, Lauren Young.
    Also in October 2017, a new personalized learning module, called Quests, was released to personalize lessons by overlaying a teacher’s existing lesson plans onto a rich fantasy world, which students navigate by completing curriculum-related assignments, or quests.
    Classcraft has a series of tools for teachers and school administrators including quests, a classroom tool that turns lesson plans into a more interactive experience, volume meter, formative reviews, random events, random picker, timer, stopwatch and grade converter.
    Classcraft is customizable, and the teachers can change the behavior for which the students obtain points to fit the needs of the classroom or the school Classcraft is available as a web application, and also with native applications for iOS and Android.

1 پوسٹ دیکھنا (1 کی کل)
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