Digital Skills for Employability and Social Inclusion

Learn digital skills like using the email software, the file explorer, the spreadsheet software and the Internet browser.
Project goals:
To help students to learn a range of tasks to improve digital competencies, problem solving and analytical thinking skills in an environment inspired by workplace.
They will play the Employ game, where they are in a workplace-inspired environment and they complete the tasks they are given. They learn about.

Learning objectives:
In the end, students will be able to:
– Learn how to use the email software/the file explorer/the spreadsheet software
– Learn of how to search Internet efficiently

Situated context of the problem:
According to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs the knowledge economy is expected to drive economic growth in Europe in the near future. Over 90% of jobs are expected to require digital skills.
Young learners with inadequate digital skills may be at increased risk of becoming professionally marginalized in the future due to competencies misaligned to market needs, foregoing opportunities to become socially included and civically active. Low skilled individuals, who may in the present be attracted by jobs with limited entry level requirements, may face increased professional challenges in the future as the demand for highly skilled workers rises.


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