Build a data mining system

समाधान: व्यक्तिगत | अवधि: चार घण्टा भन्दा बढी



The goal of the activity is to expose students to basic data mining principles of organizing and extracting data from large databases. It further encourages students to apply these principles in practice by using them for designing and implementing a basic data mining system in a manner that simulates related programming and data management activities in industry.

सिक्ने उद्देश्यहरू

Upon completion of the activity the students will be able to: - Understand basic principles of data mining - Search, analyze and combine data and information, through the use of necessary technologies - Design and manage non trivial systems - Think creatively and causatively towards building effective data mining solutions


The exercise is meant to be executed in the context of broader introductory data mining activities that expose students to data mining principles such as data preprocessing, data mining primitives, languages, and system architectures. More specifically, the activity should be part of broader curricula that is related to mining association rules in large databases, classification and prediction, clustering, mining data of complex types, mining big datasets using parallel and distributed frameworks, implementing and managing data warehouses, and more.