Algorithms’ Simulation (ΕΝ)

Gabungan: University of Thessaly (UTH)
Resolusi: Individu, Kumpulan
Tempoh: Lebih dari empat jam

Gambaran keseluruhan


Problem published by: Maria Papadopoulou The aim of the problem is to introduce the student to the understanding of all the basic algorithms whose knowledge is necessary in computer science. Through the Algomation platform, students can view 3D algorithm simulations, create their own and share any kind of algorithm.

Objektif Pembelajaran

Through the use of the program the student will be able to: - Understand the use of each algorithm - Visualize the steps until you reach the final result - Studies the implementation of the algorithm in pseudo-language or other programming languages. The aim is to lay a solid foundation, both theoretical and practical, necessary to further address algorithmic issues and many of our day-to-day dealings with computers and their applications - such as how messages are encrypted or where shortcuts are discovered in local area networks or how specific words are searched in text files.


The problem is mainly addressed to students of Polytechnic faculties who aim at the enrichment of algorithmic knowledge, at the design of their own algorithms - which can be shared and commented with the program community - and at the creation of bases for other algorithmic courses.