Examples of using A.I. in Education


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    Nuance is a speech recognition software used by faculty and students. It is especially helpful for students who struggle with writing or have limited mobility
    It’s features include fast transcription (160 words per minute), word recognition, spelling ability enhancer and tasks executor (document, mail creations, etc..).

    Quizlet provides learning and studying tools. It uses machine learning and data from millions of study sessions to show students the most relevant study material. It also provides adaptive plans and helps take the guessing out of what to study.

    Thinkster Math combines human interaction with artificial intelligence to provide students with custom programs. The AI technology tracks work step-by-step and helps students understand if they are right or wrong and why.

    Kidaptive’s Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) contains AI algorithms that help educational institutions collect data and increase learner engagement. It uses AI to optimally introduce and challenge students based on each student’s perceived strengths and weaknesses. It also predicts future academic performance based on underlying patterns and relationships.

    KidSense develops educational AI tools designed specifically for children. The speech-to-text tool uses AI to transfer a child’s speech into text in order to take notes, practice vocabulary or even take tests. Due to the fact that children’s speech is usually harder to translate, the AI in the KidSense tool uses certain algorithms to accurately translate accurately and privately.

    Century Tech utilizes data analytics and cognitive neuroscience to reduce workloads for instructors and create personalized learning plans for the students. The AI platform tracks student progress, identifies knowledge gaps and offers personal study recommendations and feedback. It also gives teachers access to resources and reduces time spent planning, grading and managing homework.


    As for me it’s that thing should be payed a lot of attention to. Here’s an an excellent article dedicated ai in education with nice describing of its benefits. It’s very interesting

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