Inspecting a Software Artefact using Review of Static Testing

Δεσμός: University of Malaya
Ανάλυση: Ομάδα | Διάρκεια: Μία έως δύο ώρες



The goal is to experience a formal process of Review Test in inspecting a Software artefact to detect defects.

Στόχοι μάθησης

The Learning Objectives are: 1- understand the roles and responsibilities of the Review Test team 2- experience the process of software examination through Review Test 3- detect defects on software artefact and the level of the defects 4- prepare a formal test plan and test result


Current Software Testing is very much focused on examining the program code after software development has been done. The main problem with this method is defects are found late and developers have to spend more time to fix the program code than improving it to be better. In Software Testing, there is an approach where the testers enable to inspect the whole software artefact (including program code) before the completion of the software development. This is called Static Testing. Review is one of the techniques in Static Testing where it enables to detect defects earlier and conducts in a formal fashion. To experience this process, a software artefact is used to find the defect including software requirement specification, software design specification, and program code.