Developing basic knowledge on the solar system

Принадлежност: Университет в Тесалия
Резолюция: Индивидуален | Продължителност: По-малко от час

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One of the best ways to teach young individuals about our solar system is through the use of educational computer applications/ games and subsequently the use of Virtual and/or Augmented Reality. The reason behind those methods success is the immersion into and gamification of the subject.

Цели на обучението

This Unity application will help children and teenagers absorb knowledge of our solar system in an interactive and immersive way.


Astronomy is more often than not an overlooked elective subject at school. Nowadays young adults seem to have little to no information about our solar system. This ignorance of the Cosmos around us gives space to the spread of misinformation about the celestial bodies that surround us and even about the planet we inhabit.